Saturday, March 27, 2010

Readings for Monday 3/29

Hi folks,

The readings for this week are not exactly readings, but things to check out online. This week marks a shift in the syllabus. Up until this point, we have been reading about broad theories about diversity and difference:

Be the Change
Culture of Power
Normalizing Community
Public Identity v. Private Identity
White Privilege

Now we are going to start to look at historical moments where these topics came into view in our schools. Our topic this week is about Brown vs. Board of Education (1954). You have THREE tasks for this week:

1) I want you to explore this website to give you some background on Brown v. Board of Education.

2) Then I want you to watch these two videos that highlight the work of Tim Wise, author of "Between Barack and a Hard Place"

3) Now blog about it.
What is the relationship between the historical issues you see in the website on Brown v. Board of Education and the contemporary issues of race that Tim Wise raises here.

Leave comments if you have any questions...

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